Oh what fun !


What time is it 


It’s actually 2.30 Lola.

Not thst I wanted to spend from 2.30- 5.30 looking after a sick dog…but I did.

Thursday evening started off great. We went to watch Luke in the Christmas Soiree.  It was excellent.  They have some very talented pupils.

We came home ..we ate pizza ..we watched TV then we went to bed.

I wasn’t sure we’d have a trouble free night…because when we got home from the Soiree she had left us a present near the tree.

A very smelly sloppy present.

Who had to try and clean it up..Yes ME. The same me who gags during I’m a Celebrity lol

Well she vomited.  She went walk about then about 6 am she decided to sleep.

My alarm went off at 7.



Here we are at 9.30 this am… we pretty much stayed in this spot … until the washing machine incident. ..which I better go sort.

That’s another blog. …


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