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This am we woke at 7 am bleery eyed ..Got up , dressed and headed over to Maltby to drop Lola off. Then we headed to Manchester.

First stop Salford Quays.  We loved it. We wandered around the shopping centre. We popped into the BBC and ITV studio entrances pics were taken … Lots and the kids were so excited.


Then we took them to see their new school..Trinity CofE Hulme.  Looks fantastic.

We then popped to Alexandra Park for lunch …I took a packed lunch to save money.

We also had a good look around Didsbury. . I love Didsbury.  Lots of charity shops , pubs and shops.

We are all looking forward to the move even though it’s going to be sad to leave .


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Here I Go Again

Sat here at 03.33 and thought let’s give blogging another go.

So much has changed since I last blogged so I might as well start from scratch. .

We now have a dog…she’s 19 months old.

Kids are growing up 17,12 and 11 and guess what we’re moving ….to Manchester! !!


My kids then and now… haven’t they grown.  


So I’m going back to bed. And maybe I’ll try and get back into this.  We shall see