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diet and fitness

Well January is nearly over, all if not most of the christmas goodies have been consumed, so its time to get on track with the diet and fitness.
I put on about half a stone over christmas 😦 and I’m not Happy about it.
So Ian and I have decided February will be the month we lose that half stone as he also wants to lose weight ..half a stone.
So we have decided to eat healthily and eat meals we will hopefully enjoy but will also aid our goal.
We also want to run at least 3 times a week , I also want to use my gym at least once a week as well as the Wii fit.
All we need now is lots of determination and will power. We do go running and I do use my gym but we are both very hitty missy about it….BUT NO MORE!!!!
Watch this space 😉
Ps more snow has put paid to the running for now but I still have that gym and Wii fit…

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