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3 months on

Well it has been about 3 months since the removal men came , packed up our belongings and moved us down to Doncaster. Yet it seems like much much longer, we have developed a routine, we are getting used to the accents, and Megan’s has changed sooo much , she sounds like she was born here, it is sooo funny at times, I hear the odd change in the boys and I don’t think my accent has changed at all, I wonder if I will say the same in 5 years this space.

Since then , the children have settled at their Schools, they are still in 3 different schools, we are managing the drop off and pick up between us, with Dylan helping out when needed. They have made friends, and are enjoying living here, it is HOME.

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On a sad note our cat marmalade has gone missing, he just went out one Sunday about 6 weeks ago and has not returned 😦



tn (1)  Every time I go into the Larder in the kitchen I see His bowl, food, cat litter , poor Marmalade , I miss  him so much.

We have had our first fire work display here and a very good one it was too, Karen , Ian , Rachael and Jack came to stay and I tweeted to see if anyone knew of a good display in our area and a guy came back and said yes at Spotborough , which is very close to us.

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It was a brilliant firework display, when we got there we bought food, and went to see the fire being lit, it was a fantastic atmosphere and the fireworks were brilliant, well worth it. Well worth being on twitter  😉





Ian is well and truly into his job and loving it, he has something to do every day of the week , from Communions to Pastoral visits , to organising Baptisms to funerals, and he has also had some very other interesting things to do too.


tn (5) But something was missing …every time I opened the cupboard in the kitchen I knew we needed another pet, a cat. So i went on line and found the addresses of  a few rescue centres, and was eventually given the name and number of a very lovely lady called Sheila who runs her own Rescue centre.

2 weeks ago we visited her and we were chosen by a cat called Tabitha, out of the cats in the room with us she was the only one who came and sat on both of our laps, Ian and I looked at her , looked at each other and smiled…she was coming home with us.

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She is beautiful , she came to us on the Saturday, but the poor thing  developed cat flu, 1 week and 3 trips to the vets later , loaded with a syringe we continued the care at home , I managed to get water into her with the syringe and a couple of days later she started to eat, now she is showing her true colours and is delightful, even if she likes to have her daft half hour at 3 am , and lies on your pillow next to you, and loves cuddles and lots and lots of attention.

tn (23)There is someone who will giver her lots of attention and that is Megan…..probably too much attention



An Advent Poem

As With Madness

by Janet Lees


As with madness we prepare

For the festive time of year,

As we rush and count the days,

Advent passes in a haze,

So may our feet take us to

Places where we will meet you.


As with madness we collapse

In our armchairs to have naps,

As we eat too much and then

Fill our plates right up again,

So may we enjoy this feast,

Prompted now to share, at least.


As with madness we keep on

Tying to ignore your Son,

Timely God now takes a risk,

Bawling babe now shakes a fist,

So may each of us now see

Christ has come to set us free.

HELP !!! What do i buy YOU for Christmas

Christmas comes every year…we know this, every year on December 25th it is Christmas Day, so why do we panic ..or is it just me, i know some reading this will have started their shopping in September and will have bought and wrapped everything by October.

But to the rest of us, its November and December when we think about buying, buy and wrap. Then there is the dreaded ..what do we buy…

1. The person who has everything

2. That person who is particular and wont just want “any” old thing

3. Parents …

4. Our own children …

So we or i , make my list and start with my children.

they usually have written a list out and i know what they want, but i also like to get them a few surprises.

Then i start to think about family and  friends, yes there are the usual gifts, smellies, chocolates, smellies, chocolates lol

But seriously it gets harder every year.

This year i have made some goodies to take to i hope they like them.

I have tried to think about the gifts i have bought , and i know some people are better at this than me , my sister in law is fab…she always buys brilliant gifts..we got a T pot with ” more tea vicar” on the front , I got a mug wit “LOL ” on , so i thought i would try my best this year ,but i still have bought smellies …well when you don’t know what a person likes or needs ..i don’t think they come in wrong…i always use the smellies i get .



Christmas and the DIET

What is it about the holidays… and eating , or should I say overeating.

I was determined to lose a few pounds… so I could eat what I liked over the Christmas period and not worry about it.

But then you start to make all sorts of goodies , cakes, mince pies, sweets, puddings , and of course you have to try all of these goodies too.

The children love to help out when it comes to baking and licking out the bowl lol

So my determination to get rid of some unwanted pounds is not going to plan , never mind I still have 6 days to go .

If I can stay away from the wine and rubbish food lol …

we will see

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IMAG2011christmas n ny mobile 2011 140



Christmas Shopping


Today i finished my Christmas shopping.. I’m sure there will stuff i still need to get , and of course there is still the food shopping.  But for today i wandered around  back and forwards to the same shop….looking for that 1 gift, getting or trying to get an outfit sorted for my daughter  , she has a party to go to on sat. as well as her school party.

But i must say , i can recommend on line shopping, it takes all the hustle and bustle out of it. I was sat in bed recovering from flu…lap top and purse ,keeping me company 🙂

you shop they drop….them right at your door.

No que

No hassle

I will definitely shop on line again.