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School Time

Well we enjoyed the last few weeks of the so called “summer” holidays , but the impending start date was looming, so into Doncaster we went to purchase school uniforms and , shoes, bags, water bottles and everything else we needed.


Easy peasy …all done and dusted.


And how smart did they look on their first day…VERY

Did the first day go well? NO 

Well Dylan went off ok, his mate Phill came for him and off they sat, NOT that easy with Megan and Luke 



WE had tears, tantrums and clinging on…mostly by me lol

It took Luke about a week and a half , Megan is just about settled . So as a treat we took them into town to treat them …


They all chose onsies !!! I want one another shopping trip is in order.




Bank Holiday weekend we decided to go camping , even though the forecast was for rain, rain and more rain. we were not put off by this , and off we set, we arrived at Blaithwaite camp site and we put up the tent, when i say we i mean Ian, Dylan and whoever else would help out 🙂

Well the tent was put up successfully,i sat in the caravan of a friend and awaited the arrival of their daughter , son in law and 2 children our friends from “The North” .
when Nick and Kathy arrived we decided to have a Chinese take away – in their caravan 🙂 mmmm was fantastic. A couple of glasses of wine and a chinese – camping at its finest.

Another couple of friends were also on way Bryan , Marie (Kathy’s sister and their daughter Anna ) It was going to be a fantastic weekend.

And it was , while we were there we decided to do a walk up Catbells

Of course the men had to plan the route , which they did , and the walk was fantastic , it started off dry but by the time we had finished , we were absolutely soaked , but it was all good fun .

When we got back to the camp site the sun came out and we decided to have a BBQ, but of course the children decided to play first….in the mud …it had rained a lot

We sat around drinking beer and wine and watched the kids get very very muddy , that was the fun part , taking them to the showers and getting them cleaned up was not, of course this was women’s work as the MEN had a BBQ to organise.

But the BBQ was fantastic , actually we had 2 , one for the kids then one for us adults a little later , yum yum yum .

But sadly all good things must come to an end and on the Bank Holiday Monday we decided to pack up and come home , as there had been a severe weather warning 😦 and pack up we did , it was sad saying goodbye to our friends, but it had been a cracking wkend, oh that reminds me we went home via the cheese shop in Wensleydale and bought some cracking cheese .