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Help I’ve not blogged for ages

wehref=””> it started well, then the move caught up with me, so here i am back , and im now in sunny Doncaster. But the picture here is actually our last shot of lumley and the surrounding areas. 😦
We also had some goodbyes to say, lots of them, which all involved food.

The move actually went better than i thought , the removal men turned up on Thurs, and they were a very friendly bunch as long as i kept the coffee flowing 🙂

It was strange seeing my house being packed up around me, but nice not having to do it, if your moving and can afford it , let them pack!!! i just sat out in the garden, phone and book in hand, until they packed the patio furniture away !!!

It was a strange feeling travelling down, knowing that was it, this isnt just a 2 week break, but a life move.

The kids have adjusted much better than me, on Thursday eve we decided to eat out , then crash in the house with our sleeping bags and blow up beds, like camping but indoors, that was fun and comfortable.
Then at 10am Friday morning Geordie n Danny turned up with our “stuff” , i thought i would just get on and get the kitchen sorted , so as quick as they brought a box into the kitchen i unpacked it, i had the kitchen sorted before they left, more than you can say for Ian’s study !!!

So we are here, the children have made friends, most of the boxes are unpacked and the sun is shining and i have washing on the line.

We did have a wonderful week up in Scotland on the Black Isle before we travelled , and we are hoping to have a week in Norfolk next week , so watch this space !!!

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