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Our visit to Doncaster

my eldest So on Friday morning we woke the children nice and early as we wanted to leave by 8.30am , we nearly made it, we left at 8.50am . There was the usual rush of, I’ve forgotten this or I need that, cd’s for the car, books to read , dolls to take.

But eventually we set off, we decided to take turns in who chose the music to listen to, well everybody except dad , as we all agreed no one likes his music..poor dad, so instead he had to choose from the music already available in the pile of cd’s we had brought ,(James Morrison, The Script, Ed Sheeran, Green Day et al ) not from the many lying about his car.

It was a very uneventful journey down I’m pleased to say. No fights or arguments and no getting lost.

We had an itinerary , Friday was junior school visit, house visit , secondary school visit. That simple ..
No never that simple with our children.

The visit to Saltersgate Junior School I thought went well, the children behaved and enjoyed looking around the classrooms and meeting staff and pupils.
After a brief lunch in the car , as by this time it was raining …heavily , we set off to view our new home (to be ) …it started well, we met the vendors, had a look around then it happened, Luke decided to go into full show off mood, and the all singing , dancing stroppy “I want my own way” child emerged . AAARRRRGGGHHHH
By the time we left , I had a headache, I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry , and the children all got a piece of my mind !!!! I was ready to drive home , anyway after that we decided only dad and eldest son would go and have a look around his new school to be.

Great I was happy to stay in the car with the other 2 , what I wasn’t happy with was hubby locking us in for some strange reason and taking the keys !!!!

So I couldn’t put the radio on , I couldn’t open a window , we were trapped , then Megan decided she needed the toilet HELP where was my husband lol
Anyway I opened the door to let some fresh air in , and to show my youngest daughter that there was nowhere to go for the toilet, as she kept telling me over and over she needed “to go ” , well I opened the door , the alarm went off, so we just had to sit in the school car park and wait for it to go off .
Hubby was next to get a piece of my mind when he got back with a very happy son , who at the moment seems very happy with his school.

So then it was off to have a look around Doncaster : The Dome , The shopping centre and to eat.

I think I’ll leave the night in the travel lodge to my next blog

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removal men

So this week we are getting quotes from removal firms, we have had 2 guys out already 1 more to go on Thursday , looks pretty straightforward, they come out look around the house , we tell them what we are taking and what we are leaving, they get back to us with a quote. We have decided we are going to go with the full pack , something im unsure about , why?? because im a control freak !! so to have people in my house , packing all MY stuff up without MY help or me having any control is going to be hard for me,,, easier i know, but i’m going to just have to sit back and leave them too it.

Also our house is now on the market, we have had 2 viewings and a no show…will the house be sold before we leave?? I’ll keep you posted on that one, i’m going to have to spend the rest of the day , reading as many blogs as i can find , and finding out what you all write about , and how interesting it all is , and will probably come back and delete all of this , thinking “o no !!!”

So by Friday we will know who is packing up our home and moving us down to Doncaster !!!

help im new to all this

i don’t know what im doing or how to go about it , so i hope im going to get lots of help and meet lots of wonderful bloggers . The reason i have started this , is because in 5 weeks time , i will be leaving the place i grew up in, i’ll be leaving family and friends behind and starting a new life in a place called DONCASTER.

So i thought why not share my thoughts and feelings along the way, it’s probably going to be a boring read lol. But i hope some one reads it, feel free to comment, but most of all HELP please .

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Hello world!

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Happy blogging!

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